Our professional minor servicing consists of removing all wheels and inspecting the brakes for wear. 

The under body is inspected including exhaust system, steering as well as suspension.

The engine oil and filters are replaced; we inspect and top up fluid levels; check air and fuel filters; test your battery and check cooling system condition. We will also check all tyres to ensure they are safe. We conduct a full safety inspection and we will give you a written report identifying any other issues that require attention.


Logbook Service


All our Log Book services are performed as per the manufacturers schedules. This ensures that your warranty will be maintained.

At Daw Park Autocare we can maintain your New Car Warranty without the hefty dealership price tag. A dealership cannot declare a warranty void if the owner has the log book service done by a qualified service centre. Your obligation to ensure that the selected service centre employs qualified staff, and that servicing upholds the manufacturer’s specifications.

That is where we come in. At the Daw Park Autocare we only use genuine or appropriate quality parts and our qualified staff oversee all procedures.


Suspension and steering repairs


Daw Park Autocare handle all types of suspension problems. If your cars shock absorbers are worn and too bouncy, leaking fluids or require bush replacement we can help you.

Daw Park Autocare can fix or replace struts, coil springs, a ball joints,  control arms, leaf springs, shock absorbers and sway bars, wheel bearings and hubs and all other suspension components both front and rear.

We will also check your front and rear suspension and make sure your suspension and steering is in a safe and reliable working condition


Brake Repairs


Brake repairs at Daw Park Autocare include disc pad or brake shoe replacement on front and rear wheels using quality Bendix brake components. We also provide disc and drum machining, new disc rotors, brake master and wheel cylinders, handbrake repairs and adjustments 

Your car's disc brakes are one of the most vital vehicle operating systems and regular checks and servicing is important in maintaining your vehicles safety.

Electricial repairs and Diagnostic


Todays automotive electrical systems have become more advanced and include computer-controlled systems and sensors and other components, diagnosing and repairing your vehicle has become much more complicated.

The electrical systems require professional care. Warning lights means the computer that monitors your car’s performance has detected a problem. It could mean that something is seriously wrong with the electrical systems in your car or that you need to replace electrical parts.

At Daw Park Autocare our auto electricians have the latest technology to properly scan your car’s system to find and fix the problem.


Daw Park Autocare we can repair and service your

Starter and alternator
Electrical Diagnostic and repair
Power Windows, power door locks, power seats
Power Steering
Heater & A/C controls
Electrical wiring
Lighting Systems
Cruise control
Warning lights
Battery and cables

Consignment Car Sales

car sale.jpg

Looking at a new car but not happy with the dealers trade-in valuation, but not sure how to sell your vehicle privately. We can help sell your car on consignment. We handle all the details, registration transfers, detailing, payments, preparing your vehicle for sale and dealing with prospective buyers. We will get you the best price possible for your vehicle without the hassle and inconvenience of selling a car privately.

We are happy to help sell any car with good service history and in sound mechanical condition